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Founded in 1925, the company distributes the cars with the star as an official partner of Mercedes-Benz. With more than 350 employees, Hirschvogel is a strong employer in the Bavarian region. In order to remain a frontrunner in the industry, the company continuously strives for new, innovative solutions.

With a strong TYPO3-based relaunch and an interactive vehicle search, the industry leader has also positioned itself in first place online. 

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  • Screenshot der Filterfunktionen bei Hirschvogel
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  • Interactive vehicle search

    The highlight of the website is the interactive vehicle search. Interested parties can search the entire vehicle stock, compare vehicles and, if desired, reserve them directly online. 

  • Corporate identity of the parent company

    The new website offers users all the functions they need to buy, lease or repair a new or used car. The design of Zentrumwest complies with the corporate identity guidelines of the parent company. 

  • Target-oriented UX design

    Extensive services are also offered for existing customers. These are presented clearly and concisely. Concrete calls to action and a goal-oriented UX design quickly lead users to the desired contact, such as booking a test drive.

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  • Search functionality

    The general keyword search enables visitors to find their way more quickly through the wealth of the comprehensive website. 

  • Integration of social media

    Hirschvogel is active on several social media to address its target groups in different ways. The corresponding channels are clearly visible on the website. 

  • User Experience

    Hirschvogel offers a very wide range of products, services and other companies that are linked on the website. All of this had to be presented clearly and with consistent usability. Despite the high content density and complex page structure, we succeeded in ensuring a fluid user experience.

Key points of our services

  • Mobile First Website
  • TYPO3 Content Management System
  • Automatic PDF generation
  • Interactive vehicle search based on Angular
  • Continuous maintenance and further development

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