SEO Agency Leipzig: What do we do?

Only 0.9% of all Google users visit page 2. Search engine optimisation is the discipline of getting your content to the top of Google. First, we analyse the search queries for which the desired target group should find your content. We then optimise your website and its content for these so-called keywords. Sustainable search engine optimisation ensures organic reach on the World Wide Web.

How do we get your website to the top of Google?

After an individual needs analysis, we develop an individual SEO strategy together with you to achieve the set goals. You will receive a detailed SEO audit that lists all construction sites and optimisation potential. In addition to a technical optimisation of your web application, we develop a suitable marketing mix that inspires your target group with appealing content. 

SEO Analysis & Tracking

For the implementation of a sustainable SEO strategy, we rely on analysis & tracking right from the start in order to tap optimisation potential at an early stage. In this regard, we always comply with the current data protection regulations (DSGVO)

We use both Google Analytics and Matomo to measure and analyse usage behaviour on websites and applications. Especially for websites and applications with sensitive user data or organisations and companies with special data protection regulations, Matomo is a suitable alternative. The privacy-friendly tracking tool does not send any data to the USA and can be hosted locally on German servers. 

Technical SEO from Leipzig 

Clean code is half the battle of successful search engine optimisation. With us, you get first-class programming work that shines through speed and low barriers. Metatags, titles, descriptions, findability in the SERPs - we know what we are talking about. Whether Sulu, TYPO3 or Wordpress, we optimise every content management system with regard to findability in Google. 

On- & Offpage SEO optimisation in Leipzig

Onpage optimisation defines everything that can be improved on the website. Both in the frontend and in the backend, we take measures that ensure better findability on Google. 

Offpage optimisation includes all measures that are taken outside your website. These include sustainable backlink building or the targeted distribution of paid ads on Google or in social media. We use the latest standards and transparent billing models. 

Depending on the technical basis of the web application, the industry and the current market situation, you need an individual SEO strategy to get your website to the top of Google. 

SEO workshop tailored to your needs

Results-oriented content marketing takes your website to a new level. Whether you enter content on your website yourself, send out a newsletter or publish articles on a blog - we are happy to support you with your SEO measures. 

The robole SEO workshop can take place on site in Leipzig or online via Zoom. We discuss all relevant points of a target-oriented SEO strategy, develop an editorial plan together on the basis of a detailed keyword analysis and conclude the lecture with a practical exercise. The workshop lasts between 2h - 3.5h and up to 8 people can participate. 

Search engine optimisation in Leipzig

We always think from the user's perspective when developing our websites and applications. We carefully select keywords and place them in the appropriate context. Along an individually developed SEO strategy, we implement your goals in a sustainable way. For conception and analysis, we use advanced and data protection-friendly tools such as Sistrix and Matomo.

We will be happy to advise you without obligation. 

Our services

  • Consulting, conception & strategy
  • Individual SEO audit
  • Analysis & tracking in order to develop optimization potentials at an early stage
  • Technical SEO as a foundation for further measures
  • Content marketing and paid ads for sustainable reach building
  • Newsletter marketing for customer retention

Let's start!