Picture of two laughing software developers

The essence of our work

As specialists for individual software we strive for the realization of unique and extraordinary projects. Together with our network of selected designers we combine functionality and aesthetics.

Our values

  • We attach great importance to the meaningfulness of our work. We regularly support social projects from Leipzig's youth & subculture.
  • Time is precious. By working efficiently, we save valuable minutes that we put into solving tricky challenges.
  • Whether in code or design - we have an eye for detail.

Get to know us

Picture of Jens Kabisch Jens Kabisch

Dipl.-Ing. Media Technology
Business management & Software development

Picture of Martin Wilmer Martin Wilmer

M.Sc. Media Informatics
Business Management & Software Development

Picture of Felix Albroscheidt Felix Albroscheidt

M.A. African Studies
Software Development

Picture of Mohamed Dhia Nasri Mohamed Dhia Nasri

B.Sc. Media Informatics
Software Development

Our Story

The two founders of robole, Jens and Martin, have been working together on software projects since 2011. In 2017, the decision was made to combine the strengths and competencies of both freelancers in one company - and to create a joint brand with robole. In the following years, both our dev team and our network in Leipzig and the surrounding area grew steadily.

Picture of the two laughing founders

Where to find us

When we founded the company, we consciously chose the west of Leipzig as our center of life and work. Over the years, Plagwitz, which is crisscrossed by canals, has become a place full of creative freedom that serves as inspiration for many young companies. The colorful, open and diverse nature of the district encourages our creativity and innovative spirit.

Our offices are located in an old machine factory - including a workshop with 3D printer. We like to spend our lunch break at the Karl Heine Canal. The boat dock at the Stelzenhaus is just as popular among the team as the varied lunch offerings in the surrounding area.

After work, we enjoy the diverse range of socio-cultural activities or an after-work beer in the pubs of Plagwitz and Lindenau.

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Let's start!