Explain important findings clearly

Meaningful graphics make it possible to quickly grasp complex issues - whether on your website, in contact with corporate customers or in internal processes. Even a single diagram can accelerate decision-making and analysis processes and identify previously undiscovered patterns. Visualized data can be easily shared with others, allowing new knowledge to be disseminated quickly.

What we do

We see Big Data as an opportunity to accelerate processes in a controlled way and to make numbers tangible. With the help of special programs such as D3.js, we extract the content that is relevant for you. In the process, we first consider how we can capture the data in the best possible way. Then we build one or more databases.

Whether we present the analyzed numbers graphically in a chart, a timeline, or an interactive map, we work together to develop a strategy that makes sense for your company's goals.

robole: Experts for Data Visualization & Statistics in Leipzig

Our work starts where standard software reaches its limits. A symbiosis of modern technologies and trained analytical thinking make our work unique. We meticulously search for the best way to present your data and implement it in a strategically sensible way.

Open Source Base Technologies

In doing so, we use open source basic technologies as a basis for individual programming. With our expertise in data visualization, we can present things exactly the way you want them to be. In addition, we enable seamless integration into existing web applications and websites.

Our services

  • Unique and interactive statistics and documents
  • Design and implementation of databases
  • Interface development
  • Integration into websites and apps
  • Individual user interface design
  • Powerful technologies like D3.js, Chart.js and Mapbox

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