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For over 20 years, Erfurt-based Kulturaufnahme MV GmbH has been developing audio tour guides for museums and exhibitions. Founded in 2003, the company distributes to art and history museums, palaces and parks as well as archaeological and natural science museums throughout Europe. Well-known customers include the Albertina Library in Leipzig, Das Fürst von Hohenzollern Haus and the German Historical Museum in Berlin. The museums have the option of either filling the tour guides themselves with representations of image, video, text and audio data, or they have the guides recorded in the Kulturaufnahme Studio in Erfurt.

With the barrier-free Progressive Web App developed by robole, the company maintains its place in the upper league of European tour guide producers.

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  • Bring Your Own Device

    Since the Corona crisis, previous audio guide technology no longer meets hygienic requirements. The audio and multimedia tour was to be converted so that museum visitors could control it conveniently via their own smartphone or tablet.

  • Offline usage

    The new tour guide can be downloaded to your own smartphone or tablet in a few seconds via a QR code and added to your home screen with a single click (Add-To-Homescreen). The Progressive Web App also works without the internet. Museums only need to provide a WLAN hotspot at the entrance so that users can download the tour content to their devices.

  • Platform-independent & flexible

    Our customer can create any number of tour guides via a backend. Each guide behaves like its own app, with its own icon. In addition, the app is platform-independent: Whether iOS or Android, the app is compatible with all common mobile devices. This saves time in programming, which can be used e.g. for adaptation in the area of accessibility. Both the typography and the colours can be adapted to the design of the respective museum, ensuring recognition value in the right corporate identity. 

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  • Sharp contrasts

    Images and graphics are more present, contrasts sharper, thanks to the app's dark mode. This makes the app more pleasant to use for people with impaired vision. The app is also convincing due to its multilingualism: a language version for children or easy language can be included as well as a translation into a foreign language. 

  • Tour guide based on the 2-senses principle

    Semantic labelling and the integration of alternative media enable numerous usage scenarios: Spoken words become text, images are "read aloud". This enables people with hearing and visual impairments to use the app. By including videos, all content can be translated into sign language. 

  • Functionality without a manual

    If an app appeals to a wide range of people, it must be intuitive to use. A manual or instructions should not be necessary. The logical structure of the app is self-explanatory and leads the user smoothly through the programme. A map with clickable points of interest helps visitors navigate through the building.

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